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We have the flooring services you need to make your entire home look like new again.

Do you know your flooring needs attention, but you aren’t really sure where to turn for great services with a personal touch? Most homeowners know they don’t like the look of their flooring, but they wait to do anything about it because they aren’t really sure who to call. The good news is that here at Walk About Flooring, we have the flooring services you need to make your entire home look like new again.

Flooring Services in Kernersville, North Carolina

  • Refinishing – Do you have flooring for which the basic materials themselves are in good shape, but the top layer looks like it has been through a storm? Let us provide the floor refinishing services that make your existing flooring look its best.
  • Repair – Do you have blemishes on your floor that haven’t been resolved with the standard cleaning procedures? At Walk About Flooring, we offer repair services for your existing flooring, so it is restored to better condition.
  • Installation – Ready for a flooring upgrade? Then you’ve come to the right place! We not only carry great flooring products, but we also offer installation services that will ensure your new flooring materials turn out just as you envisioned them.

If you have questions about our flooring services or are looking for complete solutions and personal service, give us a call at Walk About Flooring today. We don’t have a pushy sales environment, but we do have 20 years of experience providing expert flooring services for our customers in Kernersville, North Carolina. Your flooring solutions are just a phone call away!

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